Bloating – causes and methods to treat a bloated stomach

"Congratulations, are you pregnant?!" is not very fun to hear if you are just suffering from a bloated stomach...

Bloating is a common abdominal issue. It is not a dangerous disease, but it can certainly be an irritating problem. 

Most people feel uncomfortable about their huge bloated stomach in social situations. It might even require you to have two separate wardrobes to accommodate the large shift in waist circumference that can happen during the day. Tight pants or jeans can often feel uncomfortable when squeezing your stomach when it start to expand and take up more space. Wearing soft stretchy pants is usually much more comfortable.

There are two different kinds och a bloated stomach.

1. Visible distended stomach

2. The feeling of having a bloated stomach without any actual distension

The feeling that the stomach is swollen with or without distension has been shown to affect up to 96% of people with functional gastrointestinal diseases.

Common Questions About Bloating

Symptoms of bloating?

Causes of bloating?

Natural methods against a bloated stomach