Constipation – causes and natural treatment

Are your inner pipes completely backed up? Do you rarely have a bowel movement, or do you have to tense like the incredible hulk to get something out? Problems with constipation is extremely common. Which can be seen by the high sales of laxatives and bulking agents.

There are different perceptions of when you are constipated. To have a bowel movement 3 times a week to 3 times a day is generally considered as normal. But what's normal and what's optimal is not always the same. If you only poop 3 times a week, you will have several meals gathering in your intestine. In the hot and humid environment, the food begin to ferment the longer it sits.

This increases the risk of substances forming that may irritate the gut lining, or negatively affect our gut flora. When you have nagging gut issues it might be better to aim for optimal bowel habits rather than just normal.

Signs of optimal bowel habits:

- 1-3 bowel movements a day

- Evacuation feels easy and without straining

- One feels completely relieved

- The poop is firm with a smooth surface

- The poop is brown and does not smell too bad

How many of the above points do you recognize? The food should also pass through the digestive system in 16-24 hours. Quicker passage usually leads to diarrhea while longer passage leads to constipation.

The number of times you poop is probably not the most important thing. What is considered the big problems is when the actually bowel movement is causing pain, or when you don’t feel that everything was emptied. That there is something left.

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