Diarrhea – causes and natural treatment for loose stool

diarré lös mage

Do you feel like a waterfall when doing number two? Or do you often get an accute need to visit a toilet when your are out on the town?

Always having to be close to a toilet can be quite limiting and cause a lot of stress. It can turn a seemingly normal trip to town, riding the train or getting stuck in traffic into a nightmare.

Every day, about 10 liters of fluid pass through the gastrointestinal tract. Most of it is absorbed by the small intestine. 1 - 2 liters move on to the large intestine which absorb some more, giving the stool a normal consistency.

​When you have loose stool, the intestine has not been able to absorb enough fluid, making it more watery. It is often caused by foods that can irritate the gut, making it work to fast.

Some foods also have the ability to draw more fluid into the intestines making the stool more watery.

Coffee, high fat content, fibers, prunes, avocado, chewing gums and magnesium are some examples of foods that can irritate the intestine or drawn in additional water, contributing to diarrhea.

Bacteria and parasites:

Harmful bacteria or parasites often cause diarrhea. This is a common cause if the onset is acute or during a trip abroad. Having a non acute infection that has not yet been detected is also more common than most people realize.

When you are having loose stool, your body also loses more water and can become dehydrated. Therefore, it is important to drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. If you drink a lot of extra water, you should also consider adding some extra salt to maintain the right salt balance.


Another common cause is indigestion, a reduced ability to break down the food you eat. FODMAP (certain carbohydrates) and fat are the most common foods that are hard to digest. If you often suffer from loose stool in connection with meals or feel that you are regularly have a lot of gas and bloating, it can be a sign of poor digestion. Taking enzyme supplements that support digestion and help you break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the food you eat can usually help.

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Enzymes: to break down fat, protein and carbohydrates

Betaine HCL: stomach acid to help digestion

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Bromelaine, papain: from pineapple and papaya

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