Treatment for irritable bowel syndrom

What's wrong with my stomach?
Why am a not provided treatment that works?
When and how will I get my life back, free from abdominal ailments?

If you have considered these questions, you are not alone. 10 - 15% of all people in the west suffer from IBS, irritable bowel syndrome. Although the disease is so common, there is currently no standardized treatment.

Many IBS patients also feel that they have not received effective help or treatment from their doctor. It is not uncommon for the patient to have been battling severe gut issues for many years and already had all the common lab tests done without getting better.

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But something must be wrong, otherwise I would not feel this bad!

Yes, something is causing the problems with your stomach. But we do not know exactly what the cause for IBS is. In most cases, there are several different causes that contribute. When you can't identify the underlying mechanisms, it becomes difficult to provide an effective treatment plan

One might be recommended to eat more fibers, trying a bulking agent, making tests for intolerance against gluten and lactose, some simple dietary advice or maybe some drugs or supplements. At worst, you will be told that everything is in your head and that you are only stressing too much. Stress can certainly be an important factor, but rarely the whole truth.

But often the problems with flatulence, bloating, constipation, diarrhea och abdominal pain continues.

That's how the everyday life looks like too many with chronic stomach upsets.

Common Questions About IBS

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